Short Stories

My collection idea of stupid stories, mostly about engineer or software developer, 1-2 minutes to read.

Peter The Programmer - Coder Hero in The Medieval Era

Peter was a brilliant software developer who was working on a top-secret project for the government. He has been working on the project for weeks without any breaks, and he was exhausted. One day, while Peter was working on his computer, he accidentally hit a button that he shouldn’t have, and he was suddenly teleported back in time to the medieval era! As he looked around, he saw knights riding horses, peasants tending to their farms, and castles in the distance.

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Edward The Engineer - Zombie Apocalypse

Meet Edward, the engineer who survived the zombie apocalypse. One day, he was tinkering with some old parts he found in a junkyard. He wasn’t sure what he was making, but he thought it would be fun to build something. After hours of work, Edward had finally created his masterpiece: a robot that could help him gather supplies and fend off zombies. But he had accidentally programmed it with one minor detail from a classic sci-fi movie: a “kill all humans” mode.

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